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Achieving the End of AIDS

AVAC is an international advocacy organization focused on using research and effective implementation of HIV prevention options to have a decisive impact on rates of HIV infections and deaths—with the ultimate goal of ending epidemic conditions worldwide.

There are many steps needed to achieve this goal. We’ve developed a "three-part agenda” for ending the AIDS epidemic. In addition, our Playbook lays out global and organizational goals. We update both of these resources on an annual basis and as new data emerge.

A Three-Part Agenda for Ending AIDS

To structure our work, it is critical to consider priority actions for processes and products that need to be delivered, demonstrated or discovered in the short, medium and long terms. Our agenda lays out what needs to happen to deliver today's prevention options effectively, while demonstrating impact of emerging strategies and continuing to develop new interventions over the long term. To learn more about the interventions listed in each of these categories—and to understand our advocacy in each "3-D" area, see Our Focus and What We Do.

AVAC Playbook

The AVAC Playbook identifies global and organizational priorities in ten key areas related to biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation. We update our Playbook annually, and use it to guide work across our programs. For the latest on our activities, see What We Do.