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Combination Prevention

Expanded high-impact prevention is needed to bring the epidemic to a conclusive end.

Combination or high-impact prevention is a set of strategically-selected interventions that matches the needs of a given country or community—and is delivered at the scale needed to make an impact. It means doing less of something and far more of others. It means making tough decisions and measuring impact. Above all, it means moving with clarity and speed.

There are emerging global definitions of what combination prevention is, and evolving models of what it can achieve. AVAC works with advocates to define what combination prevention means in a given context, track country and donor alignment with a combination prevention strategy and ensure that there is an implementation science agenda to fill in gaps in knowledge. 

What We're Reading

A range of exciting new HIV prevention technologies have become available or are in the pipeline but will only have an impact if they are accessible and affordable and delivered within systems that take full account of the social and political context in which most infections occur.

November 4, 2022
PLOS Medicine

The latest UN Declaration on AIDS does not speak more forcefully on the need to protect the human rights of key populations at risk for HIV, but there are significant shifts, including an unprecedented commitment to HIV combination prevention.

July 16, 2021
Daily Maverick
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