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Multipurpose Prevention Technologies

HIV prevention and women’s reproductive health go hand in hand.

HIV prevention doesn’t happen in isolation. Even when people are at high risk for HIV, avoiding infection is but one factor in a complex set of decisions about their health and well-being. For women worldwide, those decisions include childbearing and reproductive and sexual health.

Multi-purpose prevention technologies are now in development to simultaneously prevent unintended pregnancy and protect against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. By addressing multiple health concerns in convenient, easy-to-use formulations, these technologies might also help ensure high levels of product adherence. Multiple versions are entering early clinical trials now. Many important questions about efficacy, acceptability and adherence need to be addressed as this research proceeds.

The Dual Prevention Pill (DPP) is currently being developed for daily use to prevent both HIV and pregnancy. Among several MPTs in the pipeline, The DPP, combining TDF/FTC-based oral PrEP with oral contraceptives (OC), is furthest along in development, learn more here.

What We're Reading

Women who used vaginal rings reported they were acceptable across indications geographic regions and indications. Policy makers should consider the ring as an important option for pregnancy and HIV prevention drug development.

October 10, 2021

This review gives a comprehensive overview of the latest oral, parenteral, and vaginally delivered MPTs in development as well as drug delivery formulations with the potential to advance as an MPT, and implementation studies regarding MPT user acceptability and adherence. Despite the challenges in the MPT landscape, these technologies demonstrate the potential to bridge gaps in preventative sexual and reproductive health care.

July 26, 2021
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