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Long-Acting Injectable Cabotegravir

Long-acting injectable PrEP is an experimental strategy based on the drug cabotegravir, an antiviral medication.

Two studies, HPTN 083 and HPTN 084, have shown high levels of protection using cabotegravir as a long acting injectable (CAB-LA). HPTN 083 gathered data among men who have sex with men, transgender women. HPTN 084 investigated the same product among cisgender women.

In December of 2021, the FDA approved CAB-LA as PrEP, making it the first injectable PrEP to be added to the toolbox of proven prevention methods, along with male and female condoms, daily oral PrEP, voluntary medical male circumcision and the Dapivirine Vaginal Ring.

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Next Steps for Access for CAB for PrEP

  • The Coalition to Accelerate Access to Long-Acting PrEP—This initiative includes donors, agencies, and advocates working in four areas: Needs and Demand Assessment, New Product Access Pathway, Financing & Procurement, and Demand creation & Policy Adoption. The aim is an accelerated, equitable, sustainable and collaborative approach to making longer-acting PrEP options accessible as quickly and as equitably as possible. The Coalition is convened by Unitaid, WHO, UNAIDS, The Global Fund, and PEPFAR with AVAC as the Secretariat.
  • A collaboration within the coalition, under its working group on access, is focused on expediting access to injectable CAB for PrEP in the near term in resource-limited settings.

  • ViiV’s 2022-2024 strategy for community stakeholder engagement in low and middle income countries pledges a commitment to Good Participatory Practice Guidelines and more. See the full strategy here.

AVAC’s Plan for Accelerating Access and Introduction of Injectable CAB for PrEP


Understanding the Research Results

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