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Advance HIV/SRH Integration

Promoting integration of HIV prevention and sexual & reproductive health to better serve women and girls

Integrating HIV and sexual & reproductive health (SRH) is the future of prevention. To end the HIV epidemic, it’s fundamental to put women at the center of the response. This means making it easier for women and girls to access quality, comprehensive HIV/SRH care where and when they feel comfortable, bringing down barriers, and developing multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) that address many SRH needs with a single product.

Women and Girls at the Center
There is still much to be done to fully realize the vital work of integrating HIV treatment and prevention with sexual and reproductive health (SRH). This site ( offers resources to inform advocacy and demand the policies and programs to make these changes a reality.

AVAC advocates for multilayered prevention, and works to strengthen existing HIV/SRH integration.

Click here for key HIV/SRH materials and findings.

Putting Women at the Center: Informed choice in 2018 and beyond