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Creating and compiling accurate, up to date and user-friendly information is at the core of AVAC's work.

The most effective advocacy is based on smart analysis and correct information. AVAC is committed to developing and disseminating a wide range of materials to meet the needs of all of the stakeholders working in prevention research today. We encourage you to explore our resources and let us know if you have a tool or document you'd like to include—or if there is something you're looking for, that we can help you find.

Our resources include:

AVAC Publications: Here you'll find fact sheets, AVAC Reports, issue briefs and many other publications that AVAC has developed or co-authored over the years.

Infographics Gallery: We've created and compiled a range of clear visuals that summarize and illustrate key concepts, pipelines and processes related to HIV prevention and implementation.

Resources Database: This is a one-stop shop for information, guidelines, country-level advocacy documents, peer-reviewed literature and many other resources. The search function allows you to narrow down by country, intervention or material type.

Research and Development Database: A comprehensive database on ongoing trials, biomedical prevention strategies in development and clinical trial site capacity. Includes a timeline of ongoing efficacy trials and downloadable tables of ongoing trials for each intervention.

Meeting Archives and Materials: Visit this page to find recordings and slide sets from our webinar series and other AVAC-convened meetings.

Calendar of Events: A look ahead at meetings that AVAC and its partners are convening, attending or view as critical to the field.