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Track and Translate the Field

Translating science to lay audiences, translating community perspectives to scientists & policy makers

Science is complex. So are community perspectives. Progress in the fight against HIV depends on synthesizing all relevant information, from the public square to the research lab. We identify questions and work to answer them. Our materials on provide accessible, up-to-date resources on the full spectrum of biomedical HIV prevention products from research to rollout and real-time analysis of emerging developments.

Let us help you find what you need to track or translate the field:

Infographics Database — AVAC’s graphics clarify complex concepts and chart key developments in HIV prevention.

Resource Database — A database with materials covering the spectrum of issues and interventions related to biomedical HIV prevention research and implementation.

Prevention Trial Database (PxRD) — AVAC’s Prevention Research & Development Database maintains up to date information on clinical trials related to HIV prevention, planned, ongoing or completed.

Other Publications — AVAC’s factsheets and reports introduce key concepts and bring in depth coverage to a wide range of critical issues in biomedical HIV prevention.

Resource Tracking Report — An annual accounting of funding for biomedical HIV prevention, documenting trends and gaps in investment.

COVID Resources for Journalists — AVAC works to support journalists in reporting accurately on COVID. As part of that work, we are curating resources to help journalists find high quality, understandable information.

Webinars — AVAC’s webinars bring together leaders in the field of HIV prevention to advance issues of research, implementation and advocacy at the frontier of prevention.

Weekly NewsDigest — A comprehensive round-up of HIV prevention media coverage and scientific publications.

Get AVAC’s Take

P-Values — AVAC’s blog, P-Values, is where advocacy for biomedical HIV prevention has its say about the latest findings, the biggest challenges and exciting successes. Read it for critical perspectives from AVAC staff and partners on the frontlines of advocacy, research and implementation.

Social Media — Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

AVAC Report — AVAC’s annual report lays out our advocacy agenda for the year head, with an overview of the HIV prevention field, key challenges and top-line recommendations.

Px WirePx Wire is AVAC’s quarterly update on biomedical HIV prevention. Each issue highlights key developments, challenges and opportunities, and features a centerspread infographic that provides a visual tool for framing these issues.

Advocates’ Network — AVAC’s email list for organization and individuals interested in timely updates and critical perspectives on developments in biomedical HIV prevention.