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What We Do

AVAC advocates for HIV prevention to end AIDS.

For the first time, the end of the global AIDS epidemic is within reach. With our partners worldwide, we’re pushing for the funding, focus, implementation and research that’s needed to make it happen.

Accelerate Product Innovation & Availability

AVAC collaborates with partners who work across the HIV prevention spectrum, from research to rollout, to expand the portfolio of prevention options and ensure products are available, accessible and used by those who need them most.

AVAC supports the success of prevention products by:
  • Understanding a product’s users
  • Compiling and analyzing market data
  • Getting products to market faster and to scale

Advocate for Access to High-Impact Prevention

AVAC is part of a robust civil society movement helping to shape a new era of global health spending and planning related to HIV prevention.

Advocacy for access to high-impact prevention:
  • Questions and improves data
  • Applies high-quality data to funding, program and policy decisions
  • Maximizes the impact on critical health outcomes

Improve Research Conduct

AVAC advocates for research that is grounded in well-informed, community-centered perspectives. Our work around trial conduct is represented in a number of ways: AVAC promotes the adoption of Good Participatory Practice (GPP) in research, convenes consultations and workshops, produces webinars, and supports the Vaccine Advocacy Research Group (VARG). The involvement of key stakeholders throughout the research process is central to all this work.

Strong Stakeholder Engagement:
  • Safeguards human rights
  • Heightens the credibility of the scientific community
  • Improves the quality of results
  • Fosters a supportive environment for successful interventions

Promote Effective HIV Prevention Policy

Ending the HIV epidemic depends on political will, committed resources and supportive policies at global and national levels. AVAC’s policy work, in partnership with a global network of civil society partners, focuses on the importance of funding and strategic planning for HIV prevention research and the imperative to bring long-term solutions to the people who need them.

To sustain effective policy, AVAC:
  • Monitors trends in research funding
  • Champions evidence-based solutions
  • Elevates human rights
  • Challenges harmful laws and policies

Track and Translate the Field

Our communications and publications translate complex science into accessible resources. This work is at the core of our mission to advance prevention and end the epidemic. We focus on ensuring people with different kinds of expertise can better understand context, community perspectives, science and policy.

To make sense of the field of HIV prevention AVAC provides:
  • Real-time analysis of emerging developments in HIV prevention research
  • Literature that explains the full spectrum of biomedical HIV prevention options
  • A range of critical perspectives connecting all stakeholders in HIV prevention

Strengthen Global Advocacy Networks

AVAC supports the development and sustainability of advocacy networks focused on accelerating HIV prevention from research to rollout. These networks, mostly centered in Africa, bring vigorous attention to science, policy, funding, community, communications, health services and the regulatory process, charting a path to end the HIV epidemic.

An effective global network:
  • Holds decision-makers accountable
  • Presses for smart investments
  • Demands inclusive policies