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Strengthen Global Advocacy Networks

AVAC builds and strengthens coalitions to advance HIV prevention

AVAC and its partners have built a global network to advocate for highly effective HIV prevention, particularly in African countries at the center of the epidemic. Informed by the latest scientific evidence and equipped with strategies for successful advocacy, we use programs, trainings, information sharing, conventions, mentoring and other support to stay connected to each other and to the fast-paced developments in HIV prevention, from research to rollout.

To foster an environment where HIV prevention is anchored to human rights, AVAC:
  • Holds decision-makers accountable
  • Presses for smart investments
  • Demands inclusive policies

We do this work via:


  • Advocacy Fellows Program — A year-long, intensive program supporting and linking emerging leaders in advocacy and activism
  • PxROAR — A program that coordinates networks of HIV prevention advocates in Africa, the United States and Europe, sharing technical advice, strategy and solidarity
  • Vaccine Advocacy Resource Group (VARG) – A small team of HIV prevention advocates—from countries significant to vaccine research—who track key issues and are committed to holding scientists accountable


  • Advocacy Partners’ Forum — An annual convening for AVAC’s advocacy partners to share updates and define a strategy for the year ahead, focused in southern and eastern Africa
  • Media Science Cafés — A series of convenings for journalists and scientists to engage in topical HIV-related issues in support of consistent and accurate media coverage

Virtual Networks

    visual representation of AVAC networks
  • Truthtellers — A virtual community of implementers, advocates and policy makers mobilizing to scale up voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) in southern and eastern Africa
  • PrEP Access Advocates – A virtual community of advocates, researchers, programmers and providers sharing knowledge and advocacy agendas focused primarily on PrEP research and rollout in the US
  • Global PrEP Action — A virtual community similar to PrEP Access Advocates but with a view to non-US-based policy and rollout