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Host Organization Information

The Host Organization is an integral partner in each Advocacy Fellow’s project.

Throughout the last decade of the Advocacy Fellows Program, AVAC has partnered with dozens of Host Organizations to help support Advocacy Fellows. The Host Organization provides a physical space for the Advocacy Fellow to work from, the financial infrastructure for administering the Advocacy Fellow’s grant, and most critically, support for the Fellow’s activities.

“Being a part of the AVAC Fellows program as a host was one of the best experiences of my life, both personally and professionally. I loved the opportunity to mentor and support two young advocates as a host, and then watch them grow and evolve as they moved on to exciting new challenges. Being a host also brought new work and recognition to our organization, and brought us into the AVAC family in a new way. I loved every part of it.” Megan Dunbar, 2014 Host Supervisor at Pangaea Zimbabwe Aids Trust, Zimbabwe
“Engaging in the journey of AVAC Fellow as they grapple and navigate key aspects of HIV prevention advocacy within the global health architecture was rewarding for the organization and the communities we work with. They took they global health lingo and made it consumable for local communities. It was beneficial to WACI Health as a host organization as it brought new perspective and new dimension to our advocacy agenda.” Linda Mafu, 2012 Host Supervisor while at WACI Health, South Africa
“Have you ever wondered how to fast track the development of staff? The AVAC fellowship twice provided my organization HEPS with an opportunity to groom leaders in HIV/AIDS advocacy. It’s inspiring to see colleagues develop during the fellowship and encourages others to seek personal growth too.“ Denis Kibira, 2015 Host Supervisor at the Coalition for Health Promotion and Social Development (HEPS), Uganda
“Being a Host supervisor was challenging but it was also an interesting and fulfilling journey and experience that I will always cherish. You not only walk the road with the Fellow, but you also learn new things in the process. It is an investment that requires commitment, the fruits of which I will always treasure.“ Simon Sikwese, 2017 Host Supervisor at Pakachere Institute of Health and Development, Malawi

Celebrating 10 Years of Fellows

Reflecting on a decade of the Fellows Program